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Dear IJSO Candidates,

IJSO is an exam-based Olympiad which contains two main parts, theoretical part and experimental part. Theoretical part includes multiple-choice and free response questions. Experimental part includes practical tasks from the fields of physics, chemistry and biology.

IJSO has been held in different hosting countries such as Taiwan, Netherland, and South Africa… Every year, The Olympiad takes place during the first week of December. Additionally the competition has various prestigious sponsors, however the main sponsor has always been the hosting countries’ government. Every year more than 50 countries participate to the Olympiad. This year 17th IJSO will be held in Frankfurt/Germany, and in the past throughout years 13 different countries hosted the events. The most recent host countries for IJSO are Argentina, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Netherlands, Botswana and Qatar respectively.

Student eligibility criteria

The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) USA National Team will consist of two team. Each team will include maximum of three contestant. Students must be at the age of 15 or younger (having the birth year of 2005 for IJSO-2020) and must have excellent educational background. The only main criterion for each IJSO candidate is;

  • receiving the highest score of ‘5’ for all the three AP Science courses including AP-Chemistry, AP-Biology and AP-Physics (there are four AP-Physics, any 2 of them) examinations.

The IJSO USA National Team selection process will be conducted on annual basis. The top six winning students will represent the United States of America in the International Junior Science Olympiad. The IJSO 2020 will take place in December 2-12, 2020.

All interested schools and also students are encouraged to fill out the online application form and feel free to contact me, team leader of  IJSO – USA at teamleader[at]ijsousa.org. I was honored to receive the official IJSO USA National Team invitation letter from the 13th host country, Indonesia Government, Ministry of Education.

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Adil Eskintan
IJSO USA Coordinator
Team Leader of IJSO USA